It is GlycoVaxyn's goal to become a commercially successful business that develops and produces bioconjugate vaccines for the treatment of commonly occurring, severe bacterial diseases for which effective or affordable vaccines do not exist.

To discuss licensing or collaboration opportunities with GlycoVaxyn or to arrange a meeting please contact:

Veronica Gambillara

GlycoVaxyn AG
Grabenstrasse 3
8952 Schlieren
Tel: +41 44 733 85 85
Fax:+41 44 733 85 76

To achieve this goal, GlycoVaxyn will:

  • Build a balanced pipeline of bioconjugate vaccines and therapeutics using its proprietary technology,
  • Out-license certain vaccine candidates after clinical proof-of-principle (Phase II) has been established to suitable partners for further clinical development and commercialization (with GlycoVaxyn's returns being technology licensing fees, milestone and royalty payments),
  • Develop certain vaccine candidates in-house through to commercialization,
  • Out-license its technology and know-how under collaborative agreements for the development of bioconjugate vaccines to generate revenues to support its development programs.
  • Continue to develop its glycoprotein technology platform.